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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Founded in 2016, Altisc is an e-cigarette brand 

originating from an independent home 

furnishing company, with its Chinese subsidiary 

based in Shenzhen & Hongkong. Altisc is committed to 

providing consumers with high-quality, naturally-

made, fashionable and unique e-cigarette 

products that are made of wood.


“Go beyond excellence” is the core brand value of Altisc. All of our staff is professional and senior practitioners with 6-10 years of 

experience in the e-cigarette industry and more than 10 years of experience in the furniture industry. Under our most stringent 

operation standard for material selection and production, our e-liquid is only sourced from the best quality e-liquid manufacturers 

in China. While ensuring the excellent quality of Altisc products through  continuous adjustment of product taste as well as strict 

quality inspection and testing procedures, our vision is to bring consumers an extraordinary, unique experience that surpasses 

all other products on the market.


Rooted in the philosophy of “Symbiosis with Nature”, Altisc attaches 

a high importance to environment and health. Ever since the primitive 

society, human being has been intimate with and closely related to 

nature. For the first time, Altisc designers attempted to carefully 

source leftovers of wood furniture and process them into e-cigarette 

casings, giving a new value to waste materials. The appearance of 

our finished product abandons the overly complex texture and 

decoration, not only retaining the original texture of wood but also 

exhibiting a gentle and calm aesthetics of nature. 

wood disposable.jpg

Our idea is to make e-cigarette into a handicraft that can be 

collected as art rather than some disposable stuff. We hope to

 reduce the use of plastic by reusing leftovers of wood furniture,

 so as to awaken people’s awareness to environmental and nature protection.